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The Town Is The Venue
Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?
Community Crockery farmers Branding
Community Crockery: Farmers Market
Community Crockery workshop
Community crockery (new photos) Katie's working
Community Crockery cups close-up
Community Crockery final layout
Community Crockery with Katie
Community Crockery Katie on steps
Community Crockery White Wood

Katie Rose Johnston

The Community Crockery


Clay and people interact on a daily and continuous basis.
Tessie Naranjo
Craft for Creative Change

From February to June 2018, visual artist and ceramist Katie Rose Johnston - originally from Huntly and a recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art - worked with our residents to develop The Community Crockery

Recently many shops, amenities and services have closed in Huntly. A disheartening reality that affects many towns and cities today. We need to ask, how do we maintain our diverse community within the age of globalisation? What are the possibilities for small scale regeneration, based on skills and goods exchange?

The Community Crockery, designed and made in collaboration with a wide range of community members, offers a small milestone. The 200-piece set of plates and cups researched and re-established the values and identity of the town. Through the therapeutic act of making, it provided a welcoming space in which people can unite and engage with issues affecting Huntly and its place in the wider world. 

During her residency, Katie hosted a series of informal Pop-In Pottery Workshops at No.11 Gordon Street. These sessions welcomed all ages and abilities to learn the process of clay and to help make The Community Crockery

Come and assist to the launch of The Community Crockery on June, 9 at the Stewart's Hall in collaboration with the Huntly Rotary Club.

Project supported by Creative Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Marr Area and A96 Dualling East of Huntly to Aberdeen Community Development Fund.